1964 – Featured Video

Set List

  1. Tell Me What You Gonna Do
  2. I Feel Just Like Going On
  3. Death Don’t Have No Mercy In This Land
  4. Transcription:

    “Now, I’ll talk a little bit to you and tell you, you know. How I come by these things. When I was a little boy, my grandmother, you know, I used to sit down take pans, you know, and make me something to play. I took more pots and pans from my grandmother and got more whippings by it. So, she seen I was going to tear every one up, you know what I’m saying, every time she go to the store to buy her one, she would be me one, because I was going to tear the first one up. So, my mother said, “That boy’s going to be a musician.” She said, “I’m going to buy him a guitar”. I was seven years old. She bought me a guitar. It laid around the house about a week. She went to work that morning, left me with the guitar, come back that morning, I was eating that guitar up. Stayed around all week. I been playing ever since. That’s right.” – Reverend Gary Davis


    directed by Harold Becker

    assisted by Jerome Shore

    cameraman Joseph Reynolds

    sound Dick Alderson, Robert Ellis

    Harold Becker productions